Beautiful churches on every corner…

Beautiful churches on every corner…


Every random church here seems to be a treasure in hiding. You can just wander into any of them and it usually turns out to be beautiful. At this point I think they are all beautiful and I have lost perspective on which ones are more beautiful or why they are more famous.

The other day I went to Santa Maria Maggiore. It is a very close walk from Termini so I went the day after my sickness, just…

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The walk around via del Corso

The walk around via del Corso


Delayed at uploading this, but I got some awful bug this night and felt awful the next day too.

Anyhoozabooda, on this day I walked down Via del Corso from Piazza del Popolo and then walked to the Spanish Steps. I sat right where Audrey Hepburn sat in Roman Holiday! :D That itself made my day. I had an orange instead of a gelato though, and didn’t run into any Gregory Pecks… It was a beautiful…

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